Insulin 100 IU


Manufacturer: Torrent
Substance: growth hormone (GH)
Package: 100iu (1 vial)



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Norditropin 30IU 10mg/1.5ml from Novo Nordisk Laboratories (Human Growth Hormone, HGH, Somatotropin) Somatotropin (also known as HGH or Human Growth Hormone) is probably one of the most popular hormones in the world, not only among athletes but also among ordinary people, and for many reasons.

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Also known as the `source ???? for the youth` ???? Human Growth Hormone provides intense anti-aging and other health benefits including: rejuvenation, growth and repair of skin, tissue, reduced fat burning, increased stress, mood and many more

Features Norditropin Simplexx in Italy

Norditropin is naturally produced by the body for the hypothalamus area of ​​the brain in young adults, although production naturally wanes over the years. This is the main reason many people substitute. The key function of Norditropin is to stimulate the repair and regeneration of damaged cells so that most body functions are restored to normal levels. Norditropin can also help with protein synthesis, as it aids in the production of amino acids needed for healthy tissue. So if you are looking for a substance to help with muscle recovery, somatropin is a great choice.

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In general, Norditropin is considered safe and has minimal negative side effects. Some people report tingling in their hands and feet and/or fluid retention, but this is nothing major to worry about as it is generally very safe for most.If you are using this for professional bodybuilding, a 1 IU injection per day is perfectly fine, but if you want even more powerful results, you can increase the dosage by 4 IU or even 6 IU per day. You should generally expect results within 12 weeks, sometimes even longer depending on your body type, mass, gender etc as the hormone needs time to start working so if you expect very fast results , feel disappointed. The only thing to keep in mind is that Norditropin is quite expensive and somewhat difficult to obtain, and for these reasons cheap fake/copycat Norditropin has been doing the rounds on the market, but we advise you to be very careful as you won't just win If you are as powerful as the real thing, it can cause unwanted side effects. You really don't know how much Norditropin you will get or if it is mixed with other possibly toxic substances, so make sure you get the real thing.


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