Manufacturer: Pfizer
Substance: growth hormone (GH)
Package: 36iu (1 pen)



General information about Humatrope (China) in Italy

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The drug affects the linear growth of children who have a deficiency of endogenous growth hormone, growth retardation in the presence of Turner syndrome. A significant change in the linear length of the body from the moment of administration is due to the influence on the growth plates in the trubchastyh bones.

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Dosage and administration Dosage selection is made individually for each patient. Given the indications, the following can be used as a dosage regimen: 1) Growth hormone deficiency: 0.18-0.3 milligrams per kg of body weight per week. This dose should be divided into six or seven injections administered subcutaneously. Intramuscular injection is also possible. 2) Turner syndrome: 0.375 to 0.17 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per week. week. This dose should be divided into six or seven injections. To enter it is necessary to prepare subcutaneously, at night. 3) Prepubertal children with chronic renal failure: 0.045 to 0.05 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, subcutaneously, every day. 4) adult patients, in case of growth hormone deficiency: 0.04 mg per kg of body weight per week, subcutaneously, every day. The maximum possible dose 0.08 milligrams.

Effects of taking Humatrope (China) in Italy

SIDE EFFECTS acromegaly, headache, hypothyroidism, itching, tiredness, Hot flashes, skin rash, Peripheral edema, numbness.


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