Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Liothyronine (T3)
Package: 100mcg/tab. (50 tabs)



General information about T3 Cytomel Hubei in Italy

Thyroid hormones are naturally synthesized in our bodies, but since the molecules are not complex, many pharmaceutical companies manufacture the synthetic variety of hormones. There are two basic types of thyroid hormones T4, known as levothyroxine, and T3, known as liothyronine. Both are produced and stored in the thyroid gland.

Features T3 Cytomel Hubei in Italy

Thyroid hormone from pharmaceutical companies is obtained in 2 ways: derived from the animal thyroid gland (bovine or ovine sources) or synthetic. In the United States, the content and amount of iodine in the thyroid preparation is well regulated, buy cytomel online (liothyronine sodium) is available as a tablet or as a salt of a natural thyroid hormone. T3 is many times more powerful than T4

Pharmacology in Italy

It's not really known how thyroid hormones work, but their actions involve a myriad of biochemical changes in cells. Thyroid hormones generally provide energy to the individual. The consumption of carbohydrates increases the body, lipids and proteins, the more they increase the consumption of oxygen. People who take thyroid hormone generally have a higher basal metabolic rate. Thyroid hormones affect almost every organ in the body, including the brain. We can only appreciate the importance of thyroid hormone when we look at patients with hormone deficiency.


Thyroid hormone is easily absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream. The onset of action is very rapid and usually occurs within a few hours. However, the peak of hormonal activity can take several days.Thyroid hormone usually stays in the body for a couple of days after a single administration. One of the reasons thyroid hormone stays in the body for a few days is that it binds to albumin in the blood and is protected from being broken down by the liver.


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