Pharma Sust 300


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Sustanon 250
Package: 300mg/ml (10ml)



General information about Sustabol 300 in Italy

Testosterone Blend (Sustanon 300) is an injectable testosterone-based oil blend. Typically, esters containing four different testosterones: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Decanoate, but a lower measured release also occurs. Testosterone Mix compound (Sustanon 300) is used by athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscle mass and increase strength.

Testosterone Blend (Sustanon 300) DoseВ in Italy

Most bodybuilders inject 250mg to 1500mg per week, with the most common dose being 500mg to 750mg. Some users find that they harness the full power of the ester propionate when Testosterone Mix (Sustanon 300) is injected every three days. This is not necessary, because weekly injections work well.

Testosterone Mix (Sustanon 300) Side Effects in Italy

The potential side effects of Testosterone Blend (Sustanon 300) are identical to all other actives, which means that Testosterone comprises Testosterone Blend (Sustanon 300). Testosterone, regardless of how it is converted to estrogen through the aromatase process. Common anabolic and estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia, increased blood pressure and cholesterol problems, and testicular atrophy can occur. While testicular atrophy occurs in everyone who uses testosterone, it reverses once use is discontinued when used responsibly. Testicular atrophy occurs because when exogenous testosterone is administered, our bodies no longer need to produce their own.Since most side effects are due to estrogen conversion, taking an aromatase inhibitor along with our testosterone can prevent estrogen from binding and reducing the amount in the body. The drug Sustanon can be combined with other drugs, to find out how to do it, study the specialized site.


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