Halothetos 10


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: fluoxymesterone
Package: 10mg/tab. (50 tabs)



General information about Halotestin Hubei in Italy

Halotestin is one of the most liver toxic steroids and should be avoided if it does not have specific goals that cannot be achieved with other medications. It is typically used by powerlifters who want to gain strength without crossing their weight class.

Features Halotestin Hubei in Italy

Some bodybuilders use fluoxymesterone in cutting cycles, although it can always be replaced with a safe steroid. This drug should never be used by beginners or those who are not fully familiar with it. Halotestin's main advantage is its zero estrogenic effect and significant androgenic effect (if that's what you want to achieve). Therefore, water and fat retention is not a problem with fluoxymesterone. The anabolic effects are not dramatic compared to most steroids. Safety: The main concern with the use of Halotestin is liver disease, which is almost unavoidable even with medium-term use. Caution is advised.


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