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Package: 10mg/tab. (50 tabs)


General information on Tamoxifen Ebewe 10 mg in Italy

Interaction: Increases the effect of indirect anticoagulants (requires careful monitoring to adjust anticoagulant dose). Cytotoxic agents increase the risk of thrombosis. The combined use of tamoxifen and tegafur can cause chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis. Concomitant use of tamoxifen with others. Hormonal drugs (contraceptives, especially estrogensoderjath) lead to a weakening of the specific effects of both drugs. Medications that reduce calcium excretion (such as the amount of thiazide diuretics) may increase the risk of hypercalcemia. Antacids, histamine H2 receptor blockers and Dr. LS, which reduce gastric acidity, can cause premature dissolution and loss of the protective effect of enteric tablets. The interval between tamoxifen and these drugs should be 1 to 2 hours.

Interaction with other drugs in Italy

Side effects: oxalgia, pain in the lesions, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea and, in rare cases, fatty liver, cholestasis, hepatitis, redness of the skin with a sensation of heat, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, thrombosis , thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis, skin rash, dry skin, enlargement of soft tissue structures, sometimes accompanied by severe lesions erythema and surrounding areas (usually disappears within 2 weeks), hypercalcaemia, peripheral edema (associated with fluid retention ), alopecia, weight gain, depression, headache, dizziness, myasthenia gravis, fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, loss of visual acuity, corneal opacities, cataracts, retinopathy, optic neuritis.Women: endometrial hyperplasia, reversible development of cystic tumors, vaginal discharge, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, genital itching, amenorrhea.

Contains Tamoxifen Ebewe 10 mg in Italy

Warning: Before treatment, women should have a complete gynecological exam (with the exception of pregnancy) and a complete physical exam. Tamoxifen induces ovulation, which increases the risk of pregnancy, therefore women of childbearing potential should use reliable contraception (hormonal) during treatment and for 3 months after treatment. During therapy, indicators of blood coagulation, blood calcium concentration, blood picture (white blood cells, platelets), liver function, blood pressure should be monitored periodically, inspect an ophthalmologist: every 3 months, gynecological examination (with the appearance of bloody vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding, the drug should be discontinued). In patients with bone metastases, the serum calcium concentration should be determined periodically during the initial treatment period (in the case of severe hypercalcaemia, tamoxifen should be discontinued).

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It is ineffective in treating patients with metastatic disease (especially to the liver). If signs of thrombosis of the lower extremities (pain or swelling of the legs), thromboembolism, branches of the pulmonary artery (dyspnea), the drug should be discontinued. Patients with hyperlipidemia on treatment need to monitor serum cholesterol and triglyceride concentration. During the treatment period you should be careful when driving and other lessons. Potentially dangerous activities that require high concentration reactions and psychomotor speed.


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