Manufacturer: Schering
Substance: mesterolone
Package: 25mg/tab. (10 tab.)



General information on Proviron (origo, Germany) in Italy

The steroid hormone mesterolone (Proviron) the parent substance is an aromatase inhibitor, which prevents the conversion of steroids to estrogen. It was synthesized in Germany. It is used in steroid cycles to achieve several results at the same time. Effects of Proviron: 1. Virtually eliminates the phenomenon of gynecomastia, edema, hypertension. 2. improves the effectiveness of anabolics, which is important in courses with the use of Sustanon or testosterone. The drug is an indispensable component for courses using testosterone esters. 3. Increases libido, is used as an effective tool in combination with nandrolone, if the course does not include the proper amount of androgens. 4. Improves relief and muscle density. The athlete's body appears visually more voluminous and dense.

Features Proviron (Origo, Germany) in Italy

Some athletes want to buy Proviron for post cycle therapy. Experts do not recommend it. In fact, the drug is capable of increasing libido. However, it is not capable of restoring the level of hormones, as can post cycle therapy preparations, which have a clear orientation to restore hormonal balance in the body. Proviron has practically no effect on the natural production of testosterone. However, its content in the blood increases due to the blocking of the actions of the sex hormone-binding globulin. This makes it a popular instrument over the course of the era.

The effects of taking Proviron (origo, Germany) in Italy

The substance comes in oral or injectable form, like most medications. When administered, the effect is faster because the existing components go directly into the blood.The liver filters the oral use of a substance. Entry into the body through the lining of the stomach usually takes longer with the injection. Many athletes prefer to take Proviron tablets because they don't want to experience the pain associated with receiving injections. Often at the injection sites there are seals that cause discomfort. Some athletes prefer the injection because they fear the harmful effects of the pill on the digestive system. What kind of reception you choose, everyone decides for himself. There are no strict rules.

Buy Proviron (origo, Germany)

Mesterolone's structure is not subject to transformation into estrogens. It's more than testosterone, it's close to the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. From this it follows that the use in combination with testosterone or other aromatase composition prevents the spread of estrogens. They are closely associated with the enzyme aromatase. The use of Proviron is very profitable: it decreases the estrogenic side effects and traps the liquid, which is seen in other steroids. It is hypothesized that the drug may reduce the sensitivity of estrogen receptors, thereby increasing efficacy twofold. The use of Proviron is also based on the expansion of its spectrum of action. In a healthy person, testosterone is useless. Ninety-eight percent of testosterone interacts with sex hormone binding globulin and albumin, which are proteins. When mesterolone interacts with a globulin and albumin, free testosterone to trigger anabolic processes. One such process is protein synthesis. This leads to maximum results in athletes.

Interaction with other drugs in Italy

Many athletes prefer to combine Proviron with other competitive steroids to increase muscle volume and elasticity.Most likely, in connection with the increased amount of circulating estrogen, the amount of water in the body is reduced, which contributes to excellent quality, dry muscle rigidity. Sometimes Proviron is used not only by bodybuilders and people still in the entertainment world, to get a perfect shape before shooting. Many athletes prefer it since side effects are practically absent. Women can also use this drug no more than 25 mg per day for four weeks. Prolonged use and high doses of the cause of masculinization in women: hoarse voice, increased hairiness and other unusual symptoms of the female body. For men, the optimal dose of Proviron is considered to be 50 to 100 mg per day. The tablets should be taken with liquid, drink plenty of fluids and on an empty stomach. This will increase the activity of the active ingredient, since food will absorb part of the drug. Since mesterolone is an alkylirovanny steroid, the drug is often used as antiaromatases for 10-12 weeks. In this case, its effect on the liver remains low in toxicity. To start the reception, it is necessary to start from the second week of courses of maximum distributable estrogenic activity of drugs. At the end of the course, Proviron accepted for one more week. With high doses and longer duration of intake, it can cause effects opposite to those expected. Often this manifests itself in a sharp increase in libido, which leads to a lot of inconvenience. In the event that the body reacts to increased libido even at low doses, it is better to cancel the drug. Many athletes in these cases are substances that decrease libido. Before using a Proviron cycle, a body exam is necessary. The dose is designed for athletes who do not have underlying health problems or chronic illnesses.First, attention should be paid to the prostate gland, since the product contains hormonal substances that affect the body. In excessive doses can be a violation of the hormonal balance of the body.


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